Art curator Hans Ulrich Obrist once held a conference by stripping it down to only the coffee break, but in virtual conferences these casual interactio…
Did you know that urban one-way streets were inspired by the blood circulation system in the human body?
Lots of impressively creative people in this issue!
The shop uses similar technologies as scientists use to monitor rodent behaviour
Experimental events are paving the way to large shows and festivals in the post-COVID world, but what are these experiments really measuring?
Are you awake because you're bored or because you're not bored enough?
From butterfly effect and “punching up” comedy to anthropomorphizing and edutainment.
They think that other people think that they don't like art, so they overcompensate with artsy communication. 🔬 Meanwhile, artists are just doing thei…
I found you the coolest geeky snow websites on the web, and more!
For the last mixture of the year we take a weird and wistful look at some labs that are no more. Plus the usual mixture of links and other things.
Plus: Sandy Cash's song about Vera Rubin, science shops on Etsy, a book recommendation, and lots of links.
And more in Mixture's monthly picks for October 2020. The newsletter has a new look but still has the same science, art, music, and fun things as befor…