Research as art, new music and defeating writer’s block

Lots of impressively creative people in this issue!

Swansea University’s annual “Research as Art” competition, in which researchers distill their research topic into a single image, recently announced the 2021 winners. The overall winner was Ken Griffin’s photo of a resident of Luxor, Egypt, looking at the face of a pharaoh mummy. Griffin’s research focuses on the considerations around whether human remains should be on display in museums. 

The international winner is a surprising microCT scan of a shark. Mason Dean scanned the shark to study its jaw cartilage, but discovered a fish hook lodged inside the shark’s body!

 You can see the rest of the winning images on the Research as Art website

Music by MusiSci - Charlie Foxtrot Piano Collective

Charlie Foxtrot Piano Collective is the musical alter ego of genomic medicine researcher Caroline Wright, who just released her album “Open Up”. “People Watching” is one of the tracks on the new album. 

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This newsletter is for everyone, but I suddenly have a lot of things to share that are mainly interesting for science communicators or scientists, and my other newsletter is on hiatus at the moment so I’m leaving these here for now, especially as some of these events are reaching quite a broad audience. 

I’ll be speaking at SJF about virtual coworking events for science writers. Speaking of which… the next Online SciComm Coworking Session I’m hosting (for writers and other types of science communicators) is on July 29th. To take part, join the Discord server and tune in on the 29th at 1PM (British Summer Time). 

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