Mixture - July 2020

I'm finding it increasingly hard to stay focused while working from home, even though I'd been working from home long before this all started. Coworking sessions have been helping, though! I run monthly coworking sessions for science communicators through Share Your Sci. We recently moved to Discord as a platform, which gave us a permanent space to use - even between coworking sessions. If you work on anything related to science communication, feel free to join the next coworking session on August 19.

Despite the struggle of working from home, this month has been a whirlwind of work for me, and none of it is visible (yet) which makes sharing difficult. I had to pause Forbes pieces for a few weeks while I worked on some other projects, but I still have some recent work to share - mostly for specialist audiences, though.

I also can't seem to focus on reading a book for more than a few pages, so my current recommendation is a classic from 1959.

CSCCE - Using virtual events to facilitate community building: event formats
I cowrote one of the chapters in this guide full of tips for running online events. It's free and useful if you're struggling with moving events online.

Hindawi - Dealing with dual submissions
Back in May I wrote this for Hindawi, but it hasn't been in a newsletter yet, so here it is. It's aimed at academics who submit papers to journals.

Book recommendation

The Two Cultures
C.P. Snow

This book contains the text of a lecture that C.P. Snow gave at Cambridge in 1959, in which he laments the divide between the sciences and the arts/humanities. One of his points is that it's expected for people to be generally well-versed in the humanities, but science is always seen as a niche interest.

Interesting things